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Our Story

        In 1991, as a young Italian lawyer, Stefano Benigni moved to the USA and started a freelance translation and Italian law consultancy business in Washington DC.

Using the international connections he had acquired in Italy; after working mainly with branches of Italian companies in DC and some local translation agencies, slowly he started a full-time a freelance translation business that gradually expanded into a recognized Italian language services provider.

         After passing the ATA Certification test from English into Italian in May 1994, he was requested by the ATA Certification committee to join the English-Italian grading group, and became himself an evaluator of the candidates for certification.

       With the advent of internet (yes, he was already translating before the widespread diffusion and use of  internet - anyone here remembers “CompuServe”? and the beeping telephone-line modems?),  his freelance business began to take on an international dimension... and it continues to grow.

         Benigni Translations was born when Stefano moved to Florida and when his wife Lucia Rastelli joined him in the translation business. Lucia’s classical background and knowledge of Italian language brought to Stefano‘s translations a high level of precision and excellence  that made the  translations provided to his clients not only error-free but also linguistically and culturally appropriate and fit for the specific subject and target audience, keeping consistency and terminology at the highest level.

      At this point Benigni Translations grew, acquiring clients all over the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Honk Kong, Singapore, etc.

         Stefano's daughter, Maria Benigni, a graduate of the University of Miami and fluent English/Spanish/Italian speaker and writer, joined the team full time in 2018, first providing English editing and proofreading, and then putting into practice her working bilingual (English and Spanish) experience in the translation field.

      After her moving to Argentina, Maria met the youngest member of our team, Ana Colautti, a graduate in Translation from the University of La Plata that brought to the team her expertise in English and Italian translations into Spanish.

      Our newest addition closed the circle. Benigni Translations can now offer translation in the Legal, Business, Marketing, Immigration and General fields in any direction between English, Italian and Spanish.

      A wide network of expert editors, has been acquired in all these years to substantiate that the translation of terminology in the most complex fields (complex financial instruments and derivatives, IT terminology, industry specific terms such as i.e. pharmacology, etc.) has been properly conveyed and translated.

      All of this is backed up by the 25 years of experience of Stefano Benigni.

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