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We Speak Your Client's Language

We mean this literally.

English - Italian -Spanish


When we say "we speak your client's language", we mean it!

Our team of translators are fluent and everyday users of the languages they translate to and from, and native speakers of one or more.


This allows Benigni Translations to provide translations not only with speed and precision but also with special attention to nuances, language variations, and expressions.

Being a small, boutique service allows us to work closely, revise and edit together, and respond quickly and personally to the needs of our clients!

Experts in Legal Translation

Our translations are what an Italian lawyer expects.

Stefano Benigni is one of the few translator in the United States that has actual court litigation experience in Italy, and  can therefore deliver more than just a good and accurate translation.

Not only are the nuances of the language carefully caught and the terminology adapted to the specific type of document (court proceedings, arbitration, bankruptcy court, etc.), but our experience allows us to produce high quality documents even when the difference between common law and civil law systems requires a working understanding of the legal consequences of the choices made.

Translation of concepts from one system to another (see the seemingly simple concept of “real estate property” and “lease”) require a clear understanding of the consequences of using specific terminology, and how these will be understood by the final user of the document.

A simple error in a summons, may not allow the process server to properly deliver the document and nullify all client’s efforts ultimately affecting the final outcome of the case.

Stefano Benigni, with over 25 years of translation experience, applied the knowledge he has acquired practicing law in court into his translation business and is able to understand the use of the final document and consequently adapt the terminology, being able to anticipate the consequences of specific choices.

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